Leadership Education

COM267L Reflection

Another class that was required as part of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship Protocol was taking Communications 267. This class really pushed me. I took a debate class in high school, but taking here at CMU was totally different. I am usually one who likes debating on certain topics I’m passionate about but for this class, I really had to do outside research about things that actually make me more knowledgable about the world. Forward thinking, Dr. Hillman definitely taught me many things. He taught our class the do’s and don’ts of debating. I learned the value of communication skills and how to talk to others and alsohow to support my claims and argue with a purpose.  class was very beneficial because as a leader, you face many challenges and sometimes you will not agree with other people but learning how to take care of situations appropriately and getting feedback from other whether they agree or not just makes you a better listener and leader.