Leadership Development

Mentor-Mentee Retreat

One of the coolest parts of being a Leader Advancement Scholar is that you get assigned a mentor from the sophomore cohort. The best memory I have with my mentor would be going to Eagle Village for a weekend to experience building leadership, healthy relationships, risk taking, and teamwork.

Eagle Village is a place known for its rehabilitation facility that works with at risk children and fosters them for sometimes short times but it can also extend for longer periods. It’s values are focused primarily on family matters with a good caring support system. With all of that, it is also a camp and retreat center which is a reason why I was fortunate enough to go with LAS.

Over the course of the weekend, mentors and mentees had a bunch of leadership activities to do together. We all got paired in groups of about 16 and stayed together for the activities. I was very nervous but I participated in a high ropes course. I never thought I could get the courage to actually get up in the course but my mentor really helped me throughout the whole time. She kept motivating me and was great. She was so positive and made me feel so safe even though we were both scared to death so high above the ground.

Besides the high ropes course, we had other activities such as going through obstacles carrying a sled filled with balls and each member of the group had a piece of rope(short or long) that had to be held at all times while in the mean time not losing any balls from the sled. It was very frustrating at times but when you are surrounded with leaders, I knew we would accomplish the course. There was free time so we all got the opportunity to play volleyball, basketball, go canoeing, and rock climbing!

Nothing stood out to me more than the last night. Both cohorts sat around a campfire and made smores and just talked about each other. It was so heartwarming hearing all of the wonderful things people said about each other and it is truly amazing knowing what a great support system I have from LAS no matter what.

It was a great weekend to say the least and I can’t wait until I get my own mentee next year and experience the whole Mentor/Mentee retreat from the Mentor perspective.