Leadership Education

Primal Leadership Book Reflection

For my Leadership 100 class, our final task of the semester was to read an assigned book about leadership and mine was called Primal Leadership– Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.

What I learned about this book was that leaders should try to take a more resonance side on leadership rather than dissonance. Resonance is how a leader works in a specific group. There are 4 main types of leadership resonant styles. They are visionary, coaching, affiliative, and democratic. The purpose of these styles are to push a certain group toward the same goal, connecting people, to heal rough patches, taking others opinions and values into perspective, and to share a certain vision in a positive way. Dissonance on the other hand is being more distant from a group and not working as a unit. Pacesetting leadership styles set high standards but are just so obsessed with getting things just done fast with perfection. This is not the way to lead. What leaders need to do to when especially being in charge of a company, being a captain of a team, or anything in that general area should try their best to lead with empathy, motivation, and inspiration. If you can inspire and motivate others with empathy, it will form a sense of congruence and will help manage all types of conflict. Being that positive good leader in charge will credit you for some self-appraisal.

The main lesson  and theory I have taken from this book is that if you get to know people and know their goals on an emotional level will only help you learn more about yourself and why you are in a group or holding the positions you are holding .