When it comes to skills, I am working on a bunch and there are some that I feel very I am already very good at.

I am working on bettering my public speaking skills, procrastinating less, being positive in all situations throughout my day, and being confident enough in myself to step up and take charge of activities or how I feel.

On the other hand, I feel as if I am very good at communication. People tend to come to me when they are down/upset and I love that. People feel safe and comfortable coming to me because I am a good listener. I always try to put myself in others shoes and I don’t mind showing emotion and being sympathetic.

I am very organized and responsible. When it comes to school, you can count on me for having every small detail written down in my planner.

I am also very easy-going and down to earth. I have no problem with changing things up and trying new things. It brings out adventure and my personality wonderfully. I love making others happy and being self-less. I always try to put others first and making individuals I care about feel special in their own unique way.