The one thing I admire about people is self confidence. No matter what a persons appearance, intelligence, financial status, or personality is, just watching people grow who they are as a person is what I am passionate about. Coming from myself, I never was fully happy with who I was. I was the girl who  just sat back in class and never answered questions. I never stood up and tried taking charge. My leadership ability was not where I wanted it to be. I was always worried about never being good enough. One place really changed that part about me. That was MASC/MAHS summer leadership camp. I remember going to this camp just because I was forced to. When I got there, I remember being surrounded by loud, crazy people. It was a place where no one cared or judged others based on who they were. I loved it and new that this community of people were going to make an impact on my life. There were 3 levels at this camp and I was fortunate enough to make it to all 3 levels. Level 2 really changed who I was as a person. We had to come up with this thing called a BE goal. A BE goal stands for “better everyday”. Once this became the central focus for level 2, it was not hard for me to recognize what would be my better everyday goal. This was to be confident. This was something I had to push myself to be better at. The next school year after this camp I changed as a person. I became confident. I became the captain of my soccer team for 2 years in a row. Being a part of student council and surrounding myself around good people really helped me grow in my own self-esteem. So helping others who need a friend, someone to rely on is what I find I am passionate about. I know that my calling in life is to go out and serve others and to be a voice for people who are never heard. To voice my beliefs and to stand up for justice and what I believe in.