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Primal Leadership Book Reflection

For my Leadership 100 class, our final task of the semester was to read an assigned book about leadership and mine was called Primal Leadership– Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.

What I learned about this book was that leaders should try to take a more resonance side on leadership rather than dissonance. Resonance is how a leader works in a specific group. There are 4 main types of leadership resonant styles. They are visionary, coaching, affiliative, and democratic. The purpose of these styles are to push a certain group toward the same goal, connecting people, to heal rough patches, taking others opinions and values into perspective, and to share a certain vision in a positive way. Dissonance on the other hand is being more distant from a group and not working as a unit. Pacesetting leadership styles set high standards but are just so obsessed with getting things just done fast with perfection. This is not the way to lead. What leaders need to do to when especially being in charge of a company, being a captain of a team, or anything in that general area should try their best to lead with empathy, motivation, and inspiration. If you can inspire and motivate others with empathy, it will form a sense of congruence and will help manage all types of conflict. Being that positive good leader in charge will credit you for some self-appraisal.

The main lesson  and theory I have taken from this book is that if you get to know people and know their goals on an emotional level will only help you learn more about yourself and why you are in a group or holding the positions you are holding .

Leadership Training

Connections Conference

Over the weekend of November 4th and 5th, I traveled to Traverse City with my LAS cohort as well as other students at Central Michigan University to get connected at The Great Wolf Lodge. What I was honestly looking forward to the most was definitely going to the water park, but it was way more than just that. We got together with other members of other groups on campus such as Hall Councils and Residential Colleges, and shared our resources with one another about the organization we are a part of and learned how to advocate for groups and utilize all that CMU has to offer. There were so many leaders I got the privilege of meeting. This was another one of many leadership conferences I have been to, but this one was a little different.

I learned more than I thought I would over just the course of 2 days. We all got divided up into Sessions and had a facilitator. From there, we attended 3 separate speaker presentations. The thing I learned the most from the weekend was self identity. Forward thinking from now on, I know how to utilize myself and other people in my own leadership journey. I want to make a point to make things change or improve for the better. Any organization, club, or group you belong to always has room for improvement and from attending this conference, I know how to make that happen. All of the people who attended the conference really cared and just wanted to make a positive impact on each person there to inspire them and make them aware that they can all make a difference in the world. There is power and privilege that comes with stepping up to the plate. Everyone has some sort of aspiration for joining an organization so working as a team and challenging yourself is what is needed to make the world a more creative and motivated world. img_2401


Finding my home away from home

Phi Sigma Sigma CMU

The best part about coming to Central was definitely going through Sorority Recruitment. It was one long, exhausting, stressful process but one I wouldn’t change for the world and would encourage any woman looking for strong, determined, caring, and beautiful souls to be surrounded by to go through. The process started off Thursday September 22nd and went all the way to bid day which was Friday September 30th.

All who participated in recruitment were put with Gamma Chi’s and they are women who are part of a chapter but disaffiliate for us potential new members(PNM) to help us throughout the whole process. There were roughly 500 PNM’s and that was overwhelming but like everyone says, you just have to “trust the system!” and everything will work out.

The first day of meeting all the sororities on campus was a lot. I met with members for about 10 minutes in each chapter and then by the end of the day, I had to rank my top 8. By the next day, I received my 8 chapters back and was happy. So I met with those 8 chapters and this next day was Philanthropy Day. This day was really cool because I really got to learn about the values of each chapter and what they stand to help and raise awareness/money for. By the end of that day, I had to rank my top 5. This was very easy for me. The next day I got 5 chapters back and was still very happy. Sisterhood day was one that stood out to me like no other. By the end of this day I had to rank my top two sororities and this was not hard for me to do. There was one chapter I was 100% set on. Then came the worst part of it all…having to wait 4 days until I find out if my top 2 chapters asked for me back. Stressed beyond belief, Thursday came and my two preference parties were both the ones I wanted. Preference Parties were unbelievably moving. Hearing active members talk and open up about how much their chapter meant to them really made me think that I could really see myself being a part of one. I then had to rank my top choice and I prayed that they still wanted me back because I fell completely in love with everything this chapter offered.

Bid Day came and when I opened my bid, I actually screamed with complete happiness with one other girl I became close with in my Gamma Chi group named Dani. Dani and I both went through this whole process together and we both found out we were jumping Phi Sigma Sigma together.

I can say full heartedly that Phi Sigma Sigma is home. Our philanthropy is school and college readiness and the service that we do as a chapter is amazing. Our sisterhood is like no other. Knowing that no matter what, I am surrounded by beautiful women inside and out who aim high, lead with integrity, consider others before themselves, motivate me to fulfill my aspirations in life, and want nothing but the best for myself is just exactly what I needed in my life. These are the women I can count on to have my back for life. I know I could go up to any single one of them and easily hold a conversation and just laugh all day long with. I know that long past my graduation, I will be life long friends with them.

Reflecting my whole new member process as now an active member, It really is one I will never regret. There are 32 women in my new member class of Fall ’16 and I have never been so close with a group of women in my life. We all have had sleepovers, ate a little too much food, ranted about boy problems, and I can say that each of us has really learned so much about one other and I’m blessed to be surrounded by them all. I also have the best big in the game. Morgan Clark, I love you and you have been the best role model, mom, friend, and sister I could’ve ever asked for. I can’t wait for the many more memories to come! One a Phi Sigma Sigma, always a Phi Sigma Sigma. LITP


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COM267L Reflection

Another class that was required as part of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship Protocol was taking Communications 267. This class really pushed me. I took a debate class in high school, but taking here at CMU was totally different. I am usually one who likes debating on certain topics I’m passionate about but for this class, I really had to do outside research about things that actually make me more knowledgable about the world. Forward thinking, Dr. Hillman definitely taught me many things. He taught our class the do’s and don’ts of debating. I learned the value of communication skills and how to talk to others and alsohow to support my claims and argue with a purpose.  class was very beneficial because as a leader, you face many challenges and sometimes you will not agree with other people but learning how to take care of situations appropriately and getting feedback from other whether they agree or not just makes you a better listener and leader.


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PSY100L Reflection


For my first semester at Central, under the Leadership Advancement Scholarship protocol, I took Psychology 100 with the rest of my LAS cohort. I found this class actually very interesting. In class we learned many psychological concepts and how they can connect to leadership in everyday life. I enjoyed learning about how the brain works and functions. Human beings are very interesting to say the least and appreciating differences is what this class really taught me. Everything about this class including all homework and studying was done online so that was one adjustment I had to learn to transition into. Our Professor, Dr. Matthew Prewett, really made things easy to understand. Coming our of this class, I do believe I have obtained new knowledge and can apply that knowledge to everyday life.

Leadership Development

Mentor-Mentee Retreat

One of the coolest parts of being a Leader Advancement Scholar is that you get assigned a mentor from the sophomore cohort. The best memory I have with my mentor would be going to Eagle Village for a weekend to experience building leadership, healthy relationships, risk taking, and teamwork.

Eagle Village is a place known for its rehabilitation facility that works with at risk children and fosters them for sometimes short times but it can also extend for longer periods. It’s values are focused primarily on family matters with a good caring support system. With all of that, it is also a camp and retreat center which is a reason why I was fortunate enough to go with LAS.

Over the course of the weekend, mentors and mentees had a bunch of leadership activities to do together. We all got paired in groups of about 16 and stayed together for the activities. I was very nervous but I participated in a high ropes course. I never thought I could get the courage to actually get up in the course but my mentor really helped me throughout the whole time. She kept motivating me and was great. She was so positive and made me feel so safe even though we were both scared to death so high above the ground.

Besides the high ropes course, we had other activities such as going through obstacles carrying a sled filled with balls and each member of the group had a piece of rope(short or long) that had to be held at all times while in the mean time not losing any balls from the sled. It was very frustrating at times but when you are surrounded with leaders, I knew we would accomplish the course. There was free time so we all got the opportunity to play volleyball, basketball, go canoeing, and rock climbing!

Nothing stood out to me more than the last night. Both cohorts sat around a campfire and made smores and just talked about each other. It was so heartwarming hearing all of the wonderful things people said about each other and it is truly amazing knowing what a great support system I have from LAS no matter what.

It was a great weekend to say the least and I can’t wait until I get my own mentee next year and experience the whole Mentor/Mentee retreat from the Mentor perspective.

Leadership Training

Leadership Safari

My very first week of being a Chippewa started earlier than usual. I was lucky enough to move in a week early before classes started to attend Leadership Safari. This program is meant to help all incoming freshman transition into the whole college atmosphere. Throughout Safari, I was a member of team python. There was a total of 11 of us in this group and I never knew the impact each person would make on me. My Safari guide leader named Cia is an upperclassman and her job was to guide each of us 10 freshman throughout the week.  We listened to many speakers, participated in icebreaker type activities, but one activity we did really changed my outlook on other people. We had to color an ice cream bowl based on how we view our selves, including gender, race, financial status, religion, etc. So at the end of this activity, not one member in my group had the exact same colored ice cream. Everyone is different but should be treated as equal. Some people go through many difficult paths in life and that is one thing some people tend to forget about or look past. Leadership Safari may have been one long, tiring, exhausting week, but it really made me think about how lucky I am as a person. There isn’t always social justice and I am just so blessed to have been born into a family where I don’t have to worry about getting a meal everyday or wondering where I am going to be the next day.

Leadership Safari made me realize that if I ever wanted to change or be a different person, now is the time. College is a fresh start for you and for your own personal self-care. People won’t know you from your past in high school and you are supposed to be exactly nothing but yourself. IMG_2044.JPGIMG_2046.JPG