Leadership Philosophy

While coming up with my philosophy, I decided to incorporate my “why” statement, “Inspire others to work together and strive for greatness, to maximize full potential”, along with one of my top values: trust, as well as something I always struggled with growing up: confidence. Inspire, trust, and confidence are all different words but can easily be connected. One person can inspire a whole crowd of people; it takes one person to trust in you, and with confidence, both of those qualities can be made beautifully impactful.

When thinking of this philosophy, it is something I focus on personally, and I want to show others how it can make an impact on their life for the better as it did for mine. All three qualities are important but some may come easier to others. For example, inspiring others to do anything good, is a start. For a while, I never knew I inspired others. All of the volunteer work, participation, and conversations I had with others didn’t seem like a big deal to me but when my friend on student council’s father told my mom how wonderful I really am and how I work hard, and am a great role model for the student body at my school, that opened my eyes and made me feel so unbelievably proud and inspirational. A little boost or kind word can change a person. I learned to inspire others by focusing on myself first, so then I could give my attention all to others. Listening and being a friend to someone who needs one is noticeable, and by being an encouraging friend, you can inspire someone to achieve their goals and passions. Once that is achieved, that one person will go on to lead and inspire others just as they have been inspired.

Next, a very close value I hold to myself is trust. Trust can coincide with anything from being honest with one another, to believing in yourself, or to just give yourself to a stranger, family member, friend, or significant other and put your faith in them. It is very hard to trust but I have personally become more open-minded to trusting others. Understanding that past problems, having high or low expectations, and being just plain old unsure can effect one’s level of trust, there are ways to try and grow past them. I believe that being understanding, respectful, having composure, and having direct meaningful conversations can truly help build trust. Once you trust someone, although it may be difficult, you will have less worries and can take that person’s word for having your back and working with you as a team.

Finally, something that many people, along with myself, struggle with at one point or another in their life is having confidence. Confidence, along with trust, and inspiring others takes time. What people don’t understand is that if you make a mistake, it’s okay; forgive yourself and move on, because no one is perfect. Focus on the positive and believe in yourself! I have learned from my past that by sitting back, I limited myself. Be sure to challenge yourself and understand why you are doing what you are doing. Everyone is special and unique in their own way and I believe all people should recognize their importance. Sometimes, the little things, can bring out someone in the best of ways. Encourage and support one another because once one is confident, not arrogant, it can make the best out of all that person has to offer.

Throwing everything together, the purpose of my philosophy demonstrates that once an individual gains confidence, it makes it easier to inspire others with what you’re passionate about, by trusting in others, yourself, and in your own plan or aspirations. Leading isn’t always easy but all people deserve to feel important, and deserve to know that what they believe in, is important. That is what makes for a wonderful world: new ideas, values, opinions, and positivity. My leadership style is different from a lot of people, but I believe this one, can bring greatness out of people who don’t see that they can make an inspiring impact themselves.