Leader Advancement Scholarship

Leader Advancement Scholarship One of the main reasons I decided on attending Central Michigan University would be because I received the Leader Advancement Scholarship. There were more than 2,000 applications sent in for this scholarship and I was one of 48 students across the country to receive it. With LAS, you receive $8,000 over the period of 4 years at CMU. What is looked for in receiving this scholarship would deal with previous involvement in  your high school, including teamwork situations, sports, student council, extracurriculars, and also work within your community as well as volunteering. There is a protocol that is required to maintain the scholarship. While being a part of LAS, you get to live with all members of your cohort in the same dorm building. On the first move in day, you already have a family away from home. My fellow LAS cohort is incredible. They all stand out in their own ways proving to be leaders but the thing you can notice from all of them off the start would be that they want to improve themselves everyday. They all want to make a positive impact on the world. It is definitely hard to explain what life as a LAS student means but if you asked any of the recipients, I’m certain they would say it was the best decision they have made when choosing a college to attend. IMG_1096.jpg