Although only being here at Central for just over a semester, I feel as if I am always busy. I am an active sister of the Delta Iota Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma. I serve on the Executive Council as the Leadership Development Chair. Joining Phi Sig has by far been my favorite part of coming to CMU. I am surrounded by the most amazing women and I know that these girls will be my friends for life. I play Inter mural soccer for Phi Sig as well as Barnes Hall co-ed team. I am also A Leader Advancement Scholar. Recently I have been certified as a CPV (college positive volunteer), to talk to students who are considered “at risk”. Our goal is to connect with high school students and help them develop an understanding of how amazing it is to attend some sort of trade school, community college, a four year university, or some sort of schooling after graduating high school. We discuss the opportunities and paths to attend college and talk about the FAFSA and explain how if money is an issue, scholarships are usually available. We want to motivate the students that if they really want something, to go after their dreams.

Getting  involved is something my brother has always motivated me to do. He is involved in greek life and seeing his love for it really made me want to get involved and join. I have taken many things away from my involvements such as teamwork, passion, and being more open-minded. Passion sticks out for me because my chapters philanthropy is school and college readiness, so becoming CPV certified falls perfectly in line with that. I can’t wait for my future here at CMU, and finding more ways to get involved, whether that be  joining another club or group,  or just being happy spending my time doing things I love.