Phi Sigma Sigma Round 2!

My favorite part of college is being part of my sorority. After jumping the best sorority Central has to offer in 2016, I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without all of these amazing woman. (Here is our recruitment video from the Fall : PhiSig )

Within the past year in Phi Sig, I have been able to raise my grades and stay on the Dean’s list all year, make unbreakable bonds, and get elected onto our executive board. I am the Member at Large and my job is to uphold the standards of the sorority. I hold all of our standards meetings along with dealing with status changes.

I was also so lucky enough to take a little this school year. Her name is Carley Shelton and she is my ROCK, literally. She is the best addition to my family and I don’t know what college would be like without her. I have never met someone who makes me strive to be the best I can be. She is that person who is always there when I’m sad or happy and she is one person who will be in my wedding one day. I look forward to my future with her and the rest of my sorority.  LITP

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PSY100L Reflection


For my first semester at Central, under the Leadership Advancement Scholarship protocol, I took Psychology 100 with the rest of my LAS cohort. I found this class actually very interesting. In class we learned many psychological concepts and how they can connect to leadership in everyday life. I enjoyed learning about how the brain works and functions. Human beings are very interesting to say the least and appreciating differences is what this class really taught me. Everything about this class including all homework and studying was done online so that was one adjustment I had to learn to transition into. Our Professor, Dr. Matthew Prewett, really made things easy to understand. Coming our of this class, I do believe I have obtained new knowledge and can apply that knowledge to everyday life.