About Me

fullsizerenderMy name is Emily Oltman and I am a student at Central Michigan University who plans on majoring in Sociology with Criminal Justice concentration while minoring in Political Science and Leadership. My home town is Canton, Michigan where I have grown up my entire life. I lived with my mom, dad, and brother Evan, who is also a student at Central Michigan University. I also have two cats named Shadow and Snowball. I love sports and have grown up with them my entire life.

I went to two small Catholic schools throughout life starting at St. Edith in Livonia, Michigan. I started at St. Edith my Kindergarten year and went there all the way through eighth grade. I graduated with twenty kids in my eighth grade class and most of us had the privilege of growing up together. From there, I attended Divine Child High School in Dearborn, Michigan. Divine Child was interesting to say the least. My class size increased from 20 to about 180. I started to figure myself out and learn what I truly care about in life.

Living in Mount Pleasant has been a real transition into adulthood. I am really blessed to be living in Barnes Hall with 2 of the most amazing people. Lynn and Alison have really been the best roommates I could’ve asked for. We have all laughed, cried, and learned from one another and I couldn’t imagine my freshman year without them. I am also a Leader Advancement Scholar along with 48 others who strive for greatness.

Thanks to my brother Evan who is my best friend, and the rest of my family, I have found things that I am passionate about. I am passionate about leadership and making a difference in the world. Whether it be just putting a smile on someone’s face, being a friend, helping those in need, or just sitting back and thinking of positive ways to solve problems. I have found growing up that my beliefs and standing up for what I trust in play the biggest role in my life. No matter where life takes me, I know it will be a long and hard journey but I also know that I am going to do great things. I am going to be the person who makes others feel wanted and confident in themselves. I am going to be a friend to someone who feels alone and finally, I am going to be better every day, making a difference in the world we live in.IMG_1719.jpg