Leadership Education

History 110LWI Reflection

One of the requirements of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship protocol is to take The American Experience history course (HST110). As a cohort, we take this class as a writing intensive so most of our tests and projects are all writing based. The American Experience course is all about American History, starting at the first civilizations in America and leading up to some more recent American experiences. This course was very beneficial to me because I learned far more in this class than I have in most other history classes taken. One of my favorite parts of this class was talking and discussing about leaders who aren’t always recognized. People usually hear  and talk about Presidents or people like Martin Luther King, but we learned about other leaders who made huge impacts on our country as well. 

This history class was enjoyable to me. I realized and noticed past mistakes Americans have made and also how we have bettered our country and have grown from what it once was. From leaders, technology, and education, our country has formed into a place where I am so proud to be a part of.

My brother Evan, and my dad absolutely love history. Listening to them talk about it has myself lost at times, but understanding the main points in history and staying attentive and interested in the subject will only make myself better more educated about what our country and world has been involved in.


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