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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Watching the TED Talk given by Simon Sinek where he discussed his “golden circle”, I have really thought about the “what”, “how”, and “why” of everything I do.

To begin, Sinek talks about how every person, organization, business, etc knows what they are doing. Some people know how they do it, but most people do not know why they do what they do. Few people can tell you what the purpose is. Few people can tell you what the cause and belief is. Even fewer people can really tell you why their organization exists (other than making profit).

This is a big deal. Why? Every single group has a purpose. Being part of a group means you should know the values of that particular group. Whether it be to help advance the world of technology, or helping people in need, or bettering the community, the passion behind the “what” is what brings out the “why”.

After watching the video and reflecting upon it, I can up with my “why” statement. I want to go forward and live out my why;

Inspire others to work together and strive for greatness, to maximize full potential.

My “why” statement basically describes how teamwork, groups, friends, or anyone in general working positively with one another, striving for the same achievements and outcomes, can really make the end goal great. Utilizing and motivating others can truly make for the best results.


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