A Leader who Inspires me

Pope Francis has many leadership qualities but I define him best as a man who shows acts of mercy, strength, integrity, service, love, compassion, and humility.

Pope Francis shows mercy by repeating consistently that God never gets tired of welcoming and forgiving his lost children home. The way that Pope Francis shows mercy is very heart-warming. Sometimes being the bigger person and letting things go, makes the world a better place. Forward thinking and how to move on from things in a positive way is mercy.

Strength is being able to uphold yourself in difficult situations and not backing down. Through all of the worlds struggles today, Pope Francis urges peace. He sets an example of this by taking in a refugee family that is Catholic from Syria. He believes there is a religious obligation to help these refugees in need. I believe this shows strength and integrity by wanting to help others who desperately need it because they are not safe living at their home. We are all God’s children and have a duty to help those in need.

Humility is another quality that Pope Francis holds because for example, he lives in a Vatican guest house. He could live in a huge palace but he chooses to only take what he really needs. He feels the need to be simple and to live life with just the basic necessities.

People are motivated to follow Pope Francis. There are different reasons behind this that are because they are either loyal to the Catholic Church, they like his acts of compassion and simplicity, he talks like a regular human being who is realistic and doesn’t act “above” the average person, and he is relatable. He understands how people aren’t perfect and how everyone is created in the image and likeness of God.

One quality that I really admire about Pope Francis is how he lives a simple life. I tend to forget at times how blessed and lucky I truly am to have a family, a house, friends, a college education, food, and just not very much to worry about. Sometimes, as humans we forget that how we dress and the brands we own really don’t matter at all. Some people don’t have family or a place to live and many times, people like myself will take that for granted. Being more self-less like Pope Francis would be a goal that all people should consider.

Overall the leadership style Pope Francis portrays, I feel is very relatable to how I want to live my life. Not taking anything for granted, living life to fullest, appreciating ALL life, serving others, and showing that I am a strong person will make me a harder worker and be more understanding of others and myself in general.


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